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Sunday, November 20, 2016

1st post in 2016

I feel quite a shame that I never ever once write in this blog during this year.
For some reasons, I googled my name at one night and re-read my whole writings in this blog
(except that was written in 2011. There are too many!!!).

So, I guess I should start writing something for 2016, which will come to the end
in quite some time actually. About 6 weeks from now to be exact.

Happy 20+ years 1 day for me today!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎂🎂

NOOOO. Nope. You cannot guess my date of birth by referring to the date this post is published.
As the date & time for this blog mess up due to I don't know how to change the settings for it.


I wonder how much I have changed since I started writing this blog.
It has been somehow 5 to 6 years honestly. 
Some of the pictures in this blog will never be recovered again, sadly.
As the results of big flood at the end of 2013. 

This post is in short only for my own self-reflection.
Am I really a different person compare to me in 2011?


I keep asking myself the same question again and again after the night I re-read my blog.
I believe myself is very much a different person today than my old person. 
But, I am really not sure how much of myself have changed towards the better me.
It could be 40% or 50% or more.
Or maybe less than that, which quite regrettably to say.

5 to 6 years are not a short period of time. 
Believe me. 
 I will write some big events that have happened to me throughout these years.
(just for the sake of writing something to be read in future time)

🌈 Bersih 5 yesterday. Supermoon last week. 
🌈I went for my Master Convocation couple of weeks before.
🌈 I quit from my job as a science & biology teacher in an international school.
🌈 I got a niece last year. 
🌈 We went to perform umrah. 
🌈 Eki, our second oldest cat was dead by me putting him to sleep.
🌈 and I dont really know what to write anymore.


The enlisted events that I wrote down above actually not even in the right sequence.
Whatever lah.
This is a very deep thought post that using up a lot of my emotion.
I think I know, but should I tell you. Definitely, no. 

I feel as if I am just a speck of dust in the entire world. Seriously.