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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Delay. Delay.

Well. Well. Well.
My prediction about whether is miserably wrong.
The sun shines and the temperature shooting. up.
Luckily, I am in the room with 25 Celcius.

Yesterday, I listened attentively to previous master result presentation.
Somehow, the presentation made me cringing for help inside.
Hopeless about my very sluggish journey lab works.

I started my day today fully motivated and focus.
I want to get on with my lab works.

Bad news.
The machine and the kitchen will be available on the 2nd week of November.
What the fish?!

It is already NOVEMBER, for God's sake.
I try to console myself by writing my Obesity book and aim to start reading for literature review.

By that, I will be fine with 2 weeks delay of lab works.

Anyway, Happy eidul adha to everyone.
I have been watching and listening about Haji Mabrur on the tv since last month till today.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy days. Serious headache.

I am longing to write poems.
To feel when the poems come to you.
Then, writing the words on the paper.
It just...very beautiful experience.

Especially on these rainy days.
Last time, when I was in Australia, rainy days reminded me home.
I developed writing poem habit every time I felt homesick.
But, here, I unable to write any poems any more.

I would like to write something else here.
But, I don't feel like to write it now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alone Thursday

Everyone is not in the postgraduate room today.
Everyone has their own business.
Meanwhile, I am actually should not be here.
My place should be in the kitchen.

Baking again and again till finally get the success recipe.
I am expecting I to get to it in only 2 weeks, which is absolutely ridiculous.
And, I never thought my co-supervisor comment will be very harsh to be digested.

AN UGLY TRUTH i tell you.

I snap. And post it to the FB.
Sounds very like this.

Please do not criticize my biscuits with extremely mean comments. 
I am actually feeling like to cry but at the same time slap that face (which include my supervisor). 
This is A LOT OF HARD WORK to do. Argh.

And, it does not make me feel better. But, almost giving up actually. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gila mencabar

Saya sedang mengerah diri menulis buku di carrel room di perpustakaan.

Buku apa yang saya nak tulis.
Buku untuk menguruskan badan.
Sungguh mencabar.

And, sitting in carrel room does not help at all.
This carrel room is very similar to a small prison.

Rasa pengap jer kepala ni.

'Do it right at the first place' motto

'Always' should be added after the word 'place' in the title actually.

But, I like to keep the title as short and stupid as possible. Always. 

For me, this motto sound INCREDIBLY IMPOSSIBLE to me. 
Everyone does mistakes.
By chance or not. 
How come we can avoid mistakes in the FIRST PLACE & ALWAYS.

It just very WRONG to me. 

Hurm. .............................................................................

So, what on earth I come to know this motto in my life?

Well, this motto is written on a banner, as big as a pair of eye can see on the fence for the safety purpose (I am assuming) at the area close to my university where I am studying. 

But, I never take serious notice about the reminder as I am assuming it is for the safety purpose.

So, you can guess that I am wrong.

Then, this motto really start getting me on nerve when I read it for the second time. 
I read it in the manual how to bake perfect cookies on the internet. 

It is saying;

"If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it right!. Cultivate the do-it-right attitude and habit. Baking demands accuracy and care".

Begin from that moment, I am always in denial when it comes to think about this motto.
Is it possible? Really is?

picture source: tumblr.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hard work

Ishk, sebenarnya memang dah tak boleh buat kerja sekarang neh.

Kiteorang budak2 postgraduate baru lepas habis introductory presentation.
Jadi, masing2 melepak tak buat keje sambil borak2.

Bila ada event yang sebegini, barulah kiteorang (yang bukan berasal dari UIA sebelum ni) dapat berkenalan
dengan lecturer2 UIA selain daripada supervisor kiteorang.

Dan, berlakulah perkenalan dengan seorang lecturer baru bertugas di UIA.
Well, lecturer tu sangat muda (27 tahun) dan baru habis belajar dari Universiti Melbourne.
Dia datang masuk bilik postgraduate kiteorang dan sangat mesra.
Namanya Mardhiah.

Lebih kurang, senior MARA saya lah sebenarnya.
Kecuali dia pelajar terbilang dan gemilang, dan saya pelajar yang hilang arah.

Dan, sebenarnya salah satu ekpresi pertama dia adalah;
betapa bersenang lenangnya kiteorang tak buat kerja.

Ehem2. What should I comment?.

How hard I can work to achieve what I want in my life?.
Does hard work equal to self abusing?

What I am thinking actually?

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am a immature person who also a cartoon junkie.

My head is painful due to focusing a mathematical problem.
Everything seems to be surreal with this painful head.

The light.
The weather.
The conversation.
Me as a human being.

I laugh easily these days as well as angry.
But, not too much laugh.

As, I have 101 responsibilities to get done.
The purpose of living.