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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey June?!

A lot of things have happened throughout this year.
I keep trying not to write them down in this blog.
or anywhere in the internet.
I mean FB or everything that fall in the same category.

Today, I feel I could not hold it any longer.
This headache actually trigger me to write this.
Let hear me making some grumblings and grunts.

Starting from last school holiday, I have to take care of kindergarten children.
I thought it should be fine as it will be lasting only for 2 weeks.
These kids should be a piece of cake.
From 2 weeks, it continues to be 3 weeks.
As, one of their teacher is already quit.

I think I must made up my mind to quit this job.
Besides, my study is not looking so bright at this point.
My biggest obstacle is doing statistical analysis.
I keep delaying the task since I am too overwhelmed about doing it.

I am always afraid that I might doing the statistical analysis wrong.
I think this story should be enough for the time being.
I wish I could be more focus on what I want to strive for in my life.