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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why everybody is so petrified? Me too..

That's title is actually a line from a song from Fort Minor.
If you share a similar taste in music with the old me (a mixture of rap and rock (maybe)),
you can listen and watch the song below;

This is one of my most favourite Fort Minor's song during my INTEC years. Believe me, I had never listen such kind of these music during my secondary years.


I don't know. I really don't know. Why I feel extremely petrified with some news I heard or read from my close family or media social? Up to the point, I cannot breath and turn into vegetative state or paralysed if I continue thinking about that matter.

I just could not imagine why it is happening and how I will react if I am in their shoes?
Overthinking might turn me into a senile young single lady before the time.

Let's me tell you very briefly what are the news that have made me very petrified last night.


First, I was petrified (still) and felt terribly sorry with my mom's brother ( aka my uncle) when we were informed very suddenly  that his wife was hospitalized due to a very long period of continues vaginal bleeding since early Ramadhan. The doctor suspected for the worst and she must undergo operation.

OMG. I keep saying inalillah...... in my heart.
I really don't know what other dzikr should I said during that time.
I met her during Hari Raya and heard that she felt tired with the long journey but nothing else.
I pray for her good health.

Then, the news shared in the newspaper and media social also does not make the situation even better.


My mom really interested with the news on the missing children, which quite a current hot topic (other than Najib's RM 2.6 billion in his personal account) as Mak Cik2 in my kelas jahitan also discussed the same thing.

I guess, once you have became a mom, you really pay attention any stories related to children's well being. I am actually started to questioning those horrible stories where villain people kidnap young children and cut their organs out in order to sell it to the desperate, filthy rich patients who in need for all sorts of organ replacement.

However, I were extremely petrified looking at the picture attach with the story. Very gore one.
A baby with stomach cut open large with guts out. Terrifying.
I should not write any more details on that.

                                             >>>>>>>>>>> *******<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Last but not the least, the one with the most disturbing effect on me is about a 11 years old girl who give birth to a baby boy, which then died due to complications in the stomach. How very unfortunate that little girl life to have a baby at a very young age.

Not yet entering secondary school, maybe not yet learning about reproductive system in science subject, but have already practice the theory into the real life. OMG, what has happened to our known decent and refine manners Asian culture?.

To whom we should blame and responsible about this matter?
Please don't quickly answer it is solely the parents role.
Our society?
Maybe, more specific and relevant is actually ourselves to be blamed.

The temptations for immoralities are no doubt can sometimes can get extremely hard to be ignored.
Even for someone who is already married can fall into adultery.
No exception, no one.

Pffft, the fact that is terribly true is indeed very petrifying.

                                   >>>>>>>>>> *****<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The only thing that was left behind (I am very sure) to that very young mom after all the games is curiosity. Nothing else.
Sometimes, it is best not to be curious on anything especially something that are clearly forbidden.

That left me curious, who is the father and where he is now?.
Very lucky uh to be a guy, once you did it, you can run away without any problems.
Then, the girl keep sealed her lips tight just to make everyone look her as a victim.

Nice play.