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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heartbroken songs

Believe me. Single ladies love listening & watching to heartbroken theme songs, movies, dramas and so on.
Since, we have untold stories why we stay single.

Not that we have not get over those culprits who demolishing our hearts.
But, damage have been done.
There are scars everywhere which could not be seen by naked eyes.

So, this is one of my most favourite heartbroken songs.
I love Sara Bareilles. :D

Between the lines

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Super lady (not gaga)

Super lady who super busy.
Not yet a super mum.
I wonder how it feels to be a super mummy.

Enough of being a super lady alone.
But, today I accidentally have a respite day.

I feel I want to stay dormant like this forever.

But, hey!
Relax without getting busy its not worth it.

And so, I MUST KEEP WORKING till die.
In the name of Allah, so everything should be meaningful.

p/s: that why I got time to write up this stuff.

cheers for me. :p
the picture was downloaded from tumblr. all right reserved on its owner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It has been a very slow journey of research.
I am too afraid of making the first step.
Too anxious.
Thinking too much.

I need help.
But, the reality of research; You must help yourself first.
Especially, here, in IIUM, in Malaysia.

This is a lot harder than I imagine.
But, my supervisor keep saying everything is a chink.

Do not have any other option other than MOVING FORWARD.

p/s:  I am thinking about my study every second of my life lately. I am soo worried. Oh, God.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gentleman friends

This is us on National Day last week.
We hold a walk event for our club member, Kelab Khita.

Obviously, there are only two guys in the picture.
My big boss is the one in the middle.
And the other guy is an example of gentleman friend.

What I am trying to say here, some Malay guys are really gentleman in nature.
This is because, I once read (somewhere) that typical Malay guys are rude to girls.
Except for the very special girls to them. For sure!!.

In fact, it is not 100% true.
I met few of them. But, actually most of the guys are not gentleman.
Let's not talk about this not-so-gentleman guys.

Gentleman friends are amazing. They are willingly help anyone without a second thought.
Especially Malaysian guys back in Australia.

To think back, I wish I could return all my gentleman friends' kindness to anyone who ask me for help.
As, I cannot return their kindness directly back to them. We are not friend in the real meaning and we are not going to meet each other again.

Studying in Malaysia, I thought it will be tough to deal with typical rude Malay guys attitude.
Somehow, this one very ferocious lab head (young & just engaged) finally offer his help on my project.

But, it takes time and professionalism in communication.

Anyhow, I feel very blessed with family and friend around me. Alhamdullillah.