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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7 hari di KL

Not exactly KL. Places near to KL, ie Gombak and Ampang.
Not sure how my mother handle things at home without me.
My humanity kicks in whenever Kak Ngah turns into Mrs Jekyll in one morning.

I have not leaving home for quiet sometime. Maybe too long which make my parents feel
enormously concern with me travelling to other places without them.
I cannot really complaining about this matter if I continue living with them.
So, I must find job very soon.

Talking about job, I must finish my study first.
But, it is another long story to start with.
I find it very hard to answer someone with this question
"What makes your study take too much time that 2 years are not enough?"
Or other questions with similar meaning like that.

And, I am being 100% honest in answering that simple silly question.
Its all my supervisor's fault, who used me to do his professorship business.
But then, I doubt that it should be the real answer as it is not 100% true.
My own act also cause me failure to finish my study sooner.

I met this one person who smile broadly when I feel impressed with her near-to-finish
writing her thesis draft. Twice submission to her supervisor.
How I envy her smile. Seriously.

So, I must work harder. No matter what are the reasons I give to myself.
p/s: Akak setahun tua dariku yang baru kukenal hari ni sedang berbual di telefon pada jam lewat malam2 begini. Ah, pasti dengan buah hatinya. 'Untung lah' yang bisa ku bicara pada diri sendiri.