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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After honours..what?

After (how long meh?!)...1 hour and half talking to Senpai at the compound of Waite Campus,
under the shade of the trees...in the middle of hot day...

We talked and talked. I wish I could stop him from talked even longer.
Because I was not in the mood of talking.

He was really enthusiastic of talking his previous and current research experiences.
That made me slowly became more interested to know more.

But, 1 hour and half was unnecessarily long. I started sharing my private thoughts and plans
after the honours ended.

(Even though, the honours year not even started of making my life like a hell.)

And, it makes me feel very 'expose' and vulnerable to Senpai who is really new to me.

I should not express myself too much to someone I barely know.
But, everything has happened and I really feel ashame with myself.

For now, let not thinking any plans for the next year.
Just focus on what the honours year all about.

I know I know. Future is very unpredictable and it makes me restless.
For sure, I am going to do pHD in whatever conditions.
It is all depends on my result and my luck.

Again, keep praying that anything that best for me will happen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colin & Me

I dont know what to feel right now..
Just now was a really good discussion with the supervisor..
(But, all the main points seem loss in the air)

And, I got back my research proposal with full of red marks
I am actually very embarassed
Which make me smiling to the ears

Because I dont know what should I react
Even have no idea where should I do after this

I asked him when I am going to do lab works
Even asked him what I am supposed to do during his a month holiday
Remind him to not forget asked permission from the Examiner

I could be really demanding even to an old fellow (sigh)

My Honours Year in Adelaide.
Should be the sweetest memory before I am heading back to Malaysia.

So far, I can see that ..Adelaide do have many to offer..
Good memories, I mean.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You are gifted, Fazilah

Hello everyone.

There are bunch of blogs outside there. Some are with extradordinary stories and many are just totally rubbish.

I don't know which group this blog of mine will be joined. Hopefully, the former one. But, you never knew when things so mixed up (in your brain and heart), you start expressing feelings unintentionally everywhere you could think of. Not to mention, the public diary option: BLOG.

So, actually I have one blog already. There are no readers except of me and two other friends who one of them insisted me to do this blog. I could not afford to let her down again (for how many times, I could not remember).

She said I have the potential to be a writer (based on my hidden, not so famous blog).

I agree with her. I should not wasted my gift. It is a gift. I know I have this gift since primary school. But, the life has lead me to do science course till this moment. I just follow what the life
has planned for me.

Anybody who know me in personally, I presented to you this blog to share my experiences and thoughts. Although, most of the time not much of thought I have done.
(A day dreaming girl perhaps-no,no; sleepy head one).

To strangers, hopefully, this blog will spice up your no soul, dull and routine life. Because, I do have habits to stroll around strangers wall in FB (mostly guys since they do not make their wall in private mode. Why gurls are being so defensive and concealed. Looks who is speaking here).

(* The truth is I am the one who FB opposition. I dont want to but I have to live with FB. Such a nuisance).

Maybe, I should copy and paste my old blog (that I loved soo much) since it is private and closed.
But, like I say before. It does not expand, polish and develop my gift to better level since it is never being shared.

(* I wish I could turn off the statistic thing of how many people visit my blog. I dont care and never want to know it.).

Bye for now.

Long life for this blog. I have instinct, on whatever reasons on unknown days in the future- I will delete this blog without a second thought. Haha.