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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pre eidul fitri (*wink*wink*)

Give me 5 or 10 minutes to exercise my brain in order to start writing this post.
(Hyak 1 time, hyak 2 times, hyak 3 times.)
Ok. I think that should be enough. 
Not really. Huhu. 

My head feeling languish with all those sleep I had before I am rushing to IIUM. Thanks to my boss's call in the morning. If he called, it means some really urgent tasks need to be done at the moment. 

So, as I expected. The urgent call is all about students' marks key in tasks that seem to be never ending. For couple hundreds of students, I guess. And 1 student has 4 to 5 assessment forms. 
Kinda boring really. urgh. 

My head still does not want to cooperate with me. So, I am writing this post in the hope that it could activate and connect all those neuron cells in my brain. My mood and hungriness are not helping at all. 


We had a long weekend last week. Extra one day in remembering and celebrating Nuzul Quran day on 17th Ramadhan, which fall on Monday. There are several opinions on the exact date of Nuzul Al-Quran, but most prominent opinion among Islamic scholars is on 17th Ramadhan.

You must know what is actually happen on this day, don't you?
Better ask and learn from someone you know hold good knowledge about Islam.

And I am not qualified to explain the magnificent and majestic event with my superficial knowledge surrounds the topic.

Yeah. Long weekend is what my mom has been waiting for sooo looooonggg.
She has 1001 plans to be executed for those days, and who will be her assistant ?

Who else? Me lah, as a daughter and sure my father too (if he did not have any other plans).

There is another story for my father. He is very eager to cook various dishes for iftar. Almost every day, he cooks. His cooking are not bad at all, but.... too much for three of us to finish them.


It's really does a very tiring weekend. My mom keep reminds me to get up early in the morning. 
Of course, I got up early since I am also very excited in preparing my home sweet home for eid.


Maybe I am not as excited as my mom, but I am also not against her in following all her orders.

"Masukkan penyangkut dalam semua langsir baru. Lepas tu turunkan langsir lama. Senang, x yah turun naik turun naik."

"Hurm, penyangkut yg ada byk dah rosak. Boleh lah nak cabut dulu langsir." 

"Kita lap habuk kat kipas plak. Vacuum dan lap tingkap."

I am the one who are the most trusted person by my both parent to climb the ladder in order to reach the high place. Since I am the smallest even though not the lightest. (Wuhuhuhuh.)

Besides, my small body size. I am also have no bad record of falling off from the ladder likes what happened to my mom and my dad last time. All due to changing curtain. 

A very dangerous task for the sake of eidul fitri, I could say. Hmph. 

But, this time both my parent seemed very eager and quite brave in joining me to climbing up the ladder. As I am taking too long and too much break time in between the works. (Huhu.)

"Penat wooo. Dahlah pose."

My mom managed her works successfully without any accidents. My dad too. But, the tasks put a lot of stress on his legs' joints and thus he has been in pain till this days. Sadly.


Then, the next day at IIUM, I found something cute and funny about this whole thing.

My other single friends also got pushed by their mothers to do cleaning, brushing, decorating and so on so on during the long weekend. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

They must move big cupboard and other furnitures, so the house looks new on eidul fitri.
They must cook and cook and cook.

One of them even said this;

"Kenapalah mak2 ni seronok sangat nak berhari raya. Dahlah pose, penat nak buat keje macam2"

Which is exactly the same thought I had while wiping up that dusty fan ceiling. Hohohoho.



Trust me. You will be missing these precious moments when the time comes in future.