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Monday, July 3, 2017

Hebat ke graduate oversea?

To be honest, I feel natural or no feeling at all when some of my younger cousins got offer to further their after SPM study to oversea, mostly to Caucasian countries such as Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. It just too normal.

Why not they choose to go to other Asian or Arabic countries? Of course lah, it depends on course.
Most courses related to science and technology were pioneered in Western countries.
Unless you are a bit religious, then you will start looking option to further your degree in Arabic countries.

And you know what....., majority of people don't think other Asian or Arabic countries considered as classy enough. If not, why the sponsorship choose the Western countries at the first place?

I don't really care anymore about people going oversea for studying or even for vacation.

Nothing really great about other people countries' really if you don't really know your own value.

Like what happen to me. I am such a good example how doom someone could be when you busy trying to get know other people's successful life story but forget about my own life story.

So, please learn from my mistakes.

(somehow, this blog start telling all my bad side and weaknesses. should i feel embarrass and stop all these nagging?) 


Well, to be honest with you..I don't know the right answer for the question.
Does studying oversea make someone more successful than others?

That one I can answer. Not really. Not really. Actually. 
It depends on how you want your life turns out to be after all.

I guess I know why people always, always, ALWAYS look high to those people who studying abroad.
Its either that person is filthy rich or genius that permits he/she to study there.

And, I don't fall into either of those two main categories. I am just an ordinary student who study really hard because study is my hobby, an escapism from other things such as sports, clubs or socialising. 

I got quite good results, so I apply for scholarship to study in oversea. I took the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme in INTEC for almost 2 years. I got just enough TER to make me qualified to further studying in Australia. 

My bad. I thought I was very successful already when I finally pass my AUSMAT programme. 
I should have just realised that I was far away from being successful.
My main objective should be my bachelor degree.

And, AUSMAT is not teaching any lessons for matriculation stage but only a high school major exam for Australian teenagers, similar to SPM. After high school, they go straight to university. That's why they start their working life at 20-21 years old. 


Maybe, people should always pay some respect to those who studying abroad and come back to their home country and become really successful. Really successful here means that they use their knowledge and experience at oversea to be implemented in the country, so the system got better and better with time. 

So, the next generation could be as good as student studying in the prestigious universities at oversea.

But, why our education system is still considered low quality in comparison to those abroad universities after all the years the previous, previous, previous generations graduated from oversea working as lecturers in the local universities? The ranking system maybe. I dunno.

Our universities not even listed in the top ten of the best of the best universities in the world.
But, does it matter?


People only see the roses part of the whole part of being a student in the foreign country.
Me too before I went studying there. I don't blame them. They could not see because they don't have the chances to see it.

Studying is not like going for vacation. It just totally two different things. 
Studying is also different from working at oversea. 

For some students like me who are really depending for moral support to be strong, it just a bad choice to study abroad. 

That person who plan to study oversea, must prepare mentally and emotionally at the first place.
It just a very tough situation to survive because you must not only focus on studying but also make time to sort out your life matters.

I don't have enough experience to handle all sorts of things at once while I am studying. That's why I am soo good at studying because I don't have other things to focus on. 
But, nope when I choose to study oversea.

And, I am still bad at juggling my life at the moment. 


I still have some kind of big regrets in choosing to study in Australia. 
Yes, I got the chances to travel to some of the most beautiful places and feel the different types of weather.

But, as I said before. It never really matter to me at all now. 
Because, ........................ I should just explain to myself for this part. 

Most of my friends are working as government staff (sponsored by JPA) or GLC companies (sponsored by TNB, TM , Khazanah or Petronas) or local universities (UIA, UKM, UPM, USM, UMT, UPNM). Easy life for them. 

Just finish studying, straight into working life and then into marriage life and then family life. 

Just toooo smooth for them. I could not help but feel envy to them. 


There are always exceptional cases. Some of them working in different field from what they learned in the university. Some even dedicated their time to be the best moms for their children. So, their children will be the next generation who will be studying oversea. 

Some still further their study till the highest they could possible have, in different part of the world (FOC!!!) and have already started working in some of the prestigious universities. 

And not to forget, some of them who have already leaving this whole thing behind and living in another, eternal world. 


As for me. Still struggling. What is the meaning of life if no hardships for us to learn from it? 
Dull and boring.

And I don't say those my successful friends are not struggling. But, at least they could have something to be proud of other than graduated from oversea.  

p/s: I could still remember how popular I am at Facebook among my friends during my time studying in Australia. But, when I came back home in 2012, none of them really bother about me weather I am dead or alive. What could I say? After all, I prefer a quite life like now than being stalked daily.